OHP Partnership with Clinics

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Aside from raising the income level, adding on dental coverage and other benefits, the Oregon Health Authority is also helping to fund health care positions in local clinics.

January 1st, OHP will pay what they are calling non-medical coaches to change the way those on the plan get health care.

The funds will pay employees at La Clinica, Community Health Center, and Providence Medical Group, just to name a few, to look at the whole person, even offering behavioral or social care if that’s what the patient needs.

If someone covered by the Oregon Health Plan, or OHP, under Jackson Care Connect needs non-medical attention during a primary care doctor visit, an OHP coach can guide them to the right resources.

So, doctors can treat the medical issues and the behavior coaches with a counseling or social services education can help with other issues.

“They may be depressed they may have anxiety or maybe they are homeless or struggling with food or getting work and you know things that are impacting their life and their health and we’re here to help that patient and connect them with community resources,” said Behavioral Health Coordinator Kim Oveson.

This partnership is between OHP’s Jackson Care Connect and La Clinica, Community Health Center and Providence Medical Group.