Officials Waiting For The Next Storm

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Rivers and streams around the area are going back down following the weekend soaking we received across the region. At Grants Pass, the Rogue River reached nearly 42,000 cubic feet per second by Sunday afternoon.

As of Monday, it’s way down, and logs and other debris are high up on the shore near the grants pass irrigation district pumping station. GPID Manager Dan Shepard says it’ll have to go down even more before they can check to see if intakes are blocked by sand and gravel.

“Depending on river flows, has to be under 6,000 before we can do anything,” explained Shephard. “If our permit stuff, we’ll probably go up there and at least get it off the shields as soon as we can with our permits, and then we won’t pull them, but just to stay on top of it, so we don’t have such a big job at the start of the season.”

State highway crews were out on Rogue River Highway, trying to fix potholes that developed. Meanwhile, county road crews were busy unclogging storm drains along rural roads, getting ready for the next surge of moisture due our way.