Officials Assess OR Gulch Fire Damage

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YREKA, Calif. — The Oregon Gulch Fire’s stable acreage is making it less of a threat for fire officials. Now, investigators are working their way into the area to check the damages.

Cal FireĀ field observers have been working their way through the burned areas in Siskiyou County, looking to gather information on land and structure damages.

They are working their way into burned areas to check structures, and gather other information like fallen trees or hot spots. Investigators then send data back to the base camps and the data is used for additional fire fighting if needed, and as a first step for community members to start recovering.

“The report is also available to insurance companies, [and] to homeowners,” said Cal Fire Field Observer Nathan Opie.
The field observers typically work with the fires for several days, and are constantly sending data using tablets and smart phones.