Dedicated Team Reducing Crime in City

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A community outraged by the petty crimes and dirty city parks demanded a solution. So, the city of Grants Pass created one.

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety organized the Nuisance Intervention Team (NIT) to target problematic areas around the city.  Police say one of those areas they canvass is Baker Park.

“Kids come out here. They like to  play in the maze of brush and they come across things they don’t necessarily need to run across…broken glass, needles in some cases,” said officer John Nicklason.

The citations officers hand out, now have more teeth behind them because 20 jail beds are open for the city.

“Hopefully, this will get  the word out that we’re not  playing around and giving warnings anymore. For some time, more or less, a free for all with shoplifting. It  was basically a free meal. It’s  been such a problem,” said Nicklason.

As words gets out that violators will be arrested and put behind bars,  police are hoping the parks become more kid friendly and families can enjoy the city like they used to.

“Taking our city piece by piece at least in the downtown area,” said Nicklason

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  1. Tobin says:

    This is stupid I think they need to leave the homeless people alone or find them a place to stay!

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