Officers Justified in Medford Shooting

shootingMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police officers, as well as some federal officers, have been cleared in a shooting in Medford last month. Jackson County District Attorney’s Office announced a grand jury’s ruling on an officer involved shooting early Thursday evening.

The grand jury ruled that the four officers involved (two from the Medford Police Department and two from the Department of Justice) were justified in firing at two suspects during an incident in early March. Wayne Pearson and Shavon Willard are facing charges for ramming their truck into police officers. Officials say police responded by firing several shots at the vehicle.

The Jackson County grand jury said the use of force was reasonable during that altercation. Oregon law states that deadly force is acceptable if police believe deadly force could be used against an officer.

The jury also ruled to charge Pearson for assault, eluding an officer, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle…among other charges. Willard will face charges for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and possession of methamphetamine.

The District Attorney’s Office says no further evidence or information will be released, pending the resolution of the criminal case.