Officers Half Through Firearm Training

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — Officers from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies are halfway through a special firearms training, and gearing up for the second and final day. They are competing on a range designed by the National Rifle Association.

Friday, officers practiced tactical skills, and were also evaluated in a competition-style training. Officials say this is one of the best shooting workshops, and Jackson County Sheriff’s Department has participated for the last three years.

Instead of shooting at static targets, it puts officers in more lifelike scenarios.

“Here we can do it on the range, [and if] they make a mistake, it’s not costing them their lives, or a citizens life and they can learn from it,” said National Rifle Association Representative Marc Lips.

Both active and retired law enforcement officers from public and private agencies, as well as U.S. military members are competing.

“We do a competition, but it’s also a training for firearms for safety, and for skills to keep officers fresh and try to throw some curve balls at them at the same time and have them thinking on their feet with firearms,” said Phil Cicero with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

The second and final day of training will be on Saturday at the Jackson County Sports Park.