Officers Assaulted During Arrest

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two Medford Police officers were assaulted early Saturday morning by a DUII suspect who attempted to resist arrest. Both officers sustained minor injuries.

Two officers conducted a sobriety test to Alaska resident Chad Paxton, 27, and attempted to take him into custody. Paxton then assaulted both officers and got away. While officers were chasing him on foot, Paxton’s passenger, Medford resident Shilo Schalk, 36, tried to steal the patrol car.

A civilian was in the car doing a ride-along with the officers and stopped Schalk from stealing the car. The civilian who stopped Schalk is currently testing to become a Medford Police officer.

Paxton was later located hiding behind Thunderbird Market and attempted to resist arrest once again.

Officer arrested Paxton and Schalk on multiple charges including resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, DUII, and unlawful entry into a vehicle, among other charges.

Paxton’s bail is set at $110,000. Schalk is behind bars on $8,000 bail.


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  1. Marc McFarland says:

    What are people thinking these days? These cops are just doing a job and if your caught being ignorant and just plain stupid, own it!

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