Officers Arrest Dozens for DUII’s

MEDFORD, Ore. — Troopers arrested nearly twice as many intoxicated drivers this Christmas holiday than during the same period in 2011.

OSP reported 53 DUII arrests across the state in the last couple of days. Medford police officers also arrested 9 people and the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety caught three drivers. Multiple law enforcement agencies across Oregon plan to increase enforcement through New Years day.

“(Troopers) They really got an eye out for those people who are making those unwise decisions. So, again we have this 3, 4 day holiday period coming up from the 28th of December to January 1st. And again there will be an emphasis,” said Oregon State Police senior trooper, Bill Matson.

If you happen to see impaired drivers, troopers encourage you to call 911 or OSP at 1-800-24DRUNK.