ODOT To Use Salt On Siskiyou Summit

SISKIYOU SUMMIT, Ore. — ODOT said it will begin to use salt on a limited basis to keep roads clear of snow on the Siskiyou Summitt.

An ODOT spokesman says the department is starting a pilot project to use rock salt along I-5 at the Siskiyous. The salt would only be used in conditions where the liquid de-icer does not work, and only with a limited amount of snow on the road.

ODOT said California currently used salt near the Siskiyou Summit, and that changes the conditions drivers face when traveling through the area.

“So drivers run into very different roadway conditions the moment they cross that imaginary border between the two states, they run into packed snow,” explained ODOT spokesman Dave Thompson.

ODOT said it knows the salt can be corrosive, and state that they will continue to use plows, sanders and de-icer trucks.