ODOT Prepares For Winter Driving

MEDFORD, Ore. – With ODOT’s recent announcement that it will use rock salt to clear snow on the Siskiyou Pass, mechanics say the salt can have corrosive effects if cars are not kept clean.

Crews at Medford Automotive say rock salt can eat through paint, and cause rust. They say drivers who pass through an area that’s been treated by rock salt should wash their cars thoroughly to prevent damage. ODOT says it will only use the salt on a limited basis. It will be in certain weather conditions when the liquid de-icer does not work on the snow and ice.

Now that ODOT is thinking about winter weather, drivers can now switch to studded tires is now legal on Oregon roadways. The Oregon Department of Transportation says, they will allow the tires from now until April 1st, for winter driving. The tires are banned for the rest of the year, because of the damage they cause to the pavement.