ODOT Prepares for Snow

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NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — A cold, wet weather system is sweeping across the Northwest with a promise that snow could fall in the high country by Monday evening, and maybe even near the valley floor by Tuesday morning.

For ODOT crews, this is the first likely snow event of the year. So, the plows are fueled-up, the chains on the tires, the pusher trucks standing by, and sand and de-icer ready to go.

On both sides of the Siskiyou Summit, chain-up areas are ready with porta-potties, signs and emergency cones in place. For ODOT crews, they say they’re ready, and glad they got through the thanksgiving weekend without any major problems.

“Thanksgiving went well,” said ODOT Manager Everett Carroll. “There was a lot of people traveling through the corridor north and south. And we had a couple of incidents, but nothing that stopped traffic. So things moved through and everybody got home mostly safely.”

Carroll says he has all his crews on duty 24-7 while this current storm passes through. The big problem could come on Tuesday, when temperatures dip below freezing on wet pavement, and there could be issues with black ice.