ODOT Crews Clear Major Roadways

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — When some drivers are too scared to brave the slick conditions, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) crews hit the road hard at work around the clock to make them safer. The Central Point ODOT crews is bringing on extra help this weekend to help tame the snowy conditions. “Anybody that can come in will be coming in,” said ODOT Coordinator Steve Stone.

Crews will work on the major roadways first. Shutting down anything completely will be a last resort. “As far as we’re concerned, it’s not an option. We’ll do everything we can and bring in every piece of equipment we have to, as long as we have to, to keep that highway open,” said Stone.

If you’re headed out this weekend, expect major roadways to be in better shape than smaller streets. “The roads will be as good as we can make them. I mean we’re going to ice them, we’re going to plow them, and try to make travel as safe as possible. But ultimately, the people are going to have to drive for the conditions and the conditions are going to be icy.”


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  1. Debbie says:

    Well where was the snow plow today out here in the Applegate? Isn’t Highway 238 a state highway? It was a mess out here. pile ups, traffic shut down. having to wait on a snow plow to come from ashland???? Get it together ODOT. In weather like this we need a plow out here doing his job to keep this highway clear. it is a bad road to begin with. and not having Jacksonville Hill plowed just made everything worse. let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

  2. Karen Thompson says:

    You guys ROCK! Stay safe out there!!

  3. Applegate Lady says:

    Upper Applegate Road has yet to be plowed……238 into Jacksonville over the “Hill” was nothing less than an ice rink yesterday……if there was gravel on it, you’d need a microscope to see it! I heard Old Stage Road was worse!? (certainly didn’t dare travel there to confirm…) There is NO EXCUSE for the treacherous road conditions, especially on these main thoroughfares! This IS snow country and it DOES get cold here. Perhaps the ODOT Coordinator and crew were off attending an all-expense paid (by taxpayers!) workshop in Las Vegas learning how to use the expensive equipment and materials provided to them to keep US safe??! Or, perhaps they were at a seminar learning how to better negotiate for higher salaries, benefits, and pensions!? They can make all the excuses they want, but there is something definitely wrong with this picture! ….And they wonder why the voters keep rejecting proposed tax increases on the ballot! No thank you!

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