ODFW Stocking Lakes with Trout

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NEAR LOST CREEK LAKE, Ore. — Trout fishing season starts this weekend, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is getting lakes and reservoirs ready to go.

Throughout the month of April, more than 50,000 trout will be released from Cole Rivers Hatchery.  They will be dumped into lakes and reservoirs around southern Oregon. Each trout costs ODFW roughly 50 cents to disperse, but officials said it’s worth it.

The cost of stocking is paid for by angler dollars and the Sport Fish and Recreation Fund. Not all water bodies are being stocked with fish now, Howard Prairie and Hyatt lakes were stocked last fall.

“These are hatchery fish,” said David Pease, Cole Rivers Hatchery manager.  “We get them in as eggs. We raise them up. It takes just over a year to get them legal size and then we start putting them out.”

ODFW said drought conditions are not impacting their fish stocking.   ODFW fish biologists said while the lack of water may make it difficult for boats to get in the water, the fish will be fine as we head into warmer weather.