ODFW May Increase Hunting Fees

ODFWMEDFORD, Ore. — Fewer hunters and anglers across Oregon may lead the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to increase fees and license prices.

ODFW is set to release a new budget plan later this week to find ways to pay for programs and services. A spokesman for the department said ODFW is facing a $32 million budget shortfall over the next three years. That could mean as much as $8 million in fee and license price increases.

One reason may be because of fewer people hunting and fishing in Oregon. Local hunters said any fee increase just makes hunting that much more expensive.

“It’s just like anything else, if you want to go hunting, you have to pay the price,” said Ron Sherva of the Oregon Hunters Association. “Because Fish and Wildlife is run only by license money.”

ODFW said it plans on holding public forums on the subject in seven different Oregon cities next month.


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  1. STANDING TALL says:

    MIGHT!? When has the government ever decided not to charge us?

  2. STANDING TALL says:

    Why doesn’t the Oregon fish and game cut back on the excessive spending on unnecessary programs like fishing workshops and other similar classes they teach which require GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES Paychecks, workers comp, industrial insurance , facilities, internet page programming and advertising to make it happen. Only the government says less government is a bad thing.

  3. STANDING TALL says:

    How about spending millions more on the wolf program? ODFW agreed to sell more elk tags which are mostly cow elk tags but bull as well, in North East Oregon to stop the ranchers complaints of elk eating their grass in the winter? Now what will the wolves eat? They are a perfect model of MISS-MANAGEMENT! The lack of deer and Elk are the reason the wolves eat their livestock anyway!

    How about this! We actually put some money and effort into increasing the deer and Elk populations. Deer and elk have ZERO environmental impact on the land as they are supposed to be there! Less dependence on a environmentally un-friendly food source!

    Elk meat contains twice the protein and half the calories of beef!
    Problem solved!

    But fish and game doesn’t like it when I speak up in the back at their meetings… HMM..

  4. james madison says:

    Interesting concept, raise the prices because there are fewer customers. Perhaps someone should ask if higher prices were reducing the number of fishermen and hunters. This is clear bureaucratic nonsense. What becomes most important to the government administrators is how to raise their budgets and increase the “services”. Crazy logic!! Reduce the fees and license costs, then you might actually grow your customer base.

    1. BillyBob Sowbreath says:

      You are EXACTLY RIGHT James!!! You nailed it!

      With the same ODFW logic:

      Gas costs $5 per gallon which gets me 10 miles down the road… now if it is raised to $10 per gallon.. I’ll be able to drive 20 miles on that same gallon!

      YEA! Make perfect sense!!

  5. D Smith says:

    People need to stop buying license and tags for a period of three years. The reason hunters and anglers “may” be reducing in numbers is because of the State and ODFW bending over to special interest groups who use sportsmen’s money to lobby against them. Our woods are full of predators, placed there by your money, the cat and bear population is abundant but don’t try and tell that to a Portland city liberal who goes hiking a couple of times a year and says your wrong. The state doesn’t stand up for hunters rights, instead they entertain anti-gun, anti-hunting, anti-fishing vegetarian liberals who only wish to control what you do. Hunting to me represents family, friends, lifelong memories and freedom. I don’t care for the opinion of another, they have the right to not participate and the right to their beliefs, but when those opinions and beliefs infringe upon my own I say that’s the end. I for one will not throw another nickel in the direction of our oppressors.

  6. Hunters says:

    Ron Sherva of the Oregon Hunters Association is only speaking for himself.

    The money is going to pay for PERS, not improve hunting. Every time they want more money
    they say the same things. More money for state police to reduce poaching and improve hunting. Have you seen an improvement in game numbers? All I noticed was the state police driving $50,000 trucks during the hunting season.
    ODFW we want to encourage more hunters to join the sport. So we raise prices to encourage more hunters to join the sport, that doesn’t make much sense. If we have mandatory reporting we will save money on ODFW labor cost, so were is the saving going?
    The increased cost will drive more hunters of moderate means to drop out of the sport . Creating a pattern of having to raise fees to cover declining numbers of hunters.
    The ODFW needs to look at long term incentives to attract hunters.

  7. BillyBob Sowbreath says:

    I also say ODFW needs to CUT COSTS and stop worthless programs that don’t do a ****** thing. I already had to stop buying licenses and tags for the rest of my family years ago. Now it’s down to only myself hunting.

    Has anyone REALLY looked at how much money ODFW rakes in? Take a couple of popular controlled hunting units… notice the ones that have several thousand applicants… now add the application fee…then add a license… and then add the tag. You end up with THOUSANDS of dollars… and that’s just a couple of units!!! Add all of them together and what do you get? Well, you get those $50,000 new trucks another poster mentioned… and you get PERS. And what does the outdoors-man get? The shaft… fewer animals…higher fees… fewer hunting areas. And lets not forget we get FINED if we don’t do THEIR JOB of reporting on our hunts. I remember the times when I actually had a real-life game warden ask about my hunting and fishing… I loved talking with these guys. Where are they now?

    I lost all respect for the ODFW when they got caught taking advantage of the preference point system many years ago. With insider information,they KNEW which units was going to be closed, yet they told their buddies to apply for it. Once closed, they ended up with an extra preference point. Or it was something to this effect. It was many years ago and I don’t remember the whole story… I do remember the courts didn’t do a **** thing to them and simply said “well, what they did wasn’t exactly illegal… but certainly unsportsman-like”.

    Let me sum it up: THEY CHEATED !

    What DUMB-**** logic is this ODFW? Do you really think you will get more hunters and fishermen by increasing prices? Let me guess… whoever came up with this must have been educated with today’s “Common Core” math?

    So go ahead and raise prices ODFW… and you’ve sealed your fate. I for one will never buy a license or tag again. My taxed-to-death paychecks will be my new license.

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