ODFW Feeling Shutdown Effects

ODFWMEDFORD, Ore. — Many agencies are operating with a limited budget, or are impacted indirectly by the government shutdown.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife crews and volunteers will be spending extra time putting up signs indicating road closures during Cascade rifle elk season, because they don’t have the expected help from forest service personnel.

ODFW says they will be impacted indirectly because they do a lot of work with federal agencies like the Bureau of Land Management.

“We regulate all angling and hunting and there’s no interruptions in that. Now if somebody wanted to buy woodcutting permit or wanted to buy a forest recreation pass to use trail heads that they purchase through the federal forest service,” said Rogue Watershed Manager Russ Stauff.

Maps for hunting or angling on national forest or BLM land will be unavailable until the BLM reopens.

People with questions about the forest service or BLM are turning to the Oregon Department of Forestry, which is also being impacted by the BLM closure, but effects will be most noticeable if the Forest Service and BLM remain closed for a significant time.

“A lot of money changes hands between the department of forestry and the bureau of land management. Need to keep those pipelines open if we are going to keep doing some of our essential services,” said Brian Ballou with Oregon Department of Forestry.

ODF says that if the shutdown happened during fire season, the effects would have been different because ODF, the forest service and BLM work especially close during fire season.