ODF Tackles Alder Creek Fire

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NEAR SHADY COVE, Ore. — Dry weather and strong winds helped fuel a fire north east of Shady Cove and the Oregon Department of Forestry says they have it just about contained to about 125 acres.

It may be winter, but the conditions are just right for wildfires and Thursday afternoon, the Oregon Department of Forestry responded to five small fires that have now grown into one fire totaling more than 100 acres.

The call came in to the Oregon Department of Forestry on Thursday afternoon after nearby residents said they saw smoke. It was initially reported as 5 small fires less than an acre each, but when crews arrived the fires had grown, eventually topping one hundred acres.

By Friday afternoon, fire officials were confident in its containment but said because of the timing and weather, the fire was challenging.

“Due to the lack of folks around this time of year, for firefighting resources, we’ve left the spots that aren’t as much of a priority and then we’re catching those this morning as the winds are supposed to die down,” said Wildland Fire Supervisor Bill Smith.

The land is described as industry ground used for logging. Fire officials say additional resources from the United States Forest Service helped responded during the off-peak time of year.

The Department of Forestry expects to keep an eye on the fire over the next few days.