ODF Has Used Harrington Ponds for Fires

MEDFORD, Ore. — According to Oregon law, all water — including the rain and snow water — that Gary Harrington used are public and can only be collected with a permit.

In the case of Mr. Harrington, obtaining a permit was not possible because the water in his ponds would filter into Big Butte Creek, a water source in which rights can only be granted to the city of Medford.

The Oregon Department of Forestry says that Big Butte Creek has also been of extreme value to them in fighting forest fires. Fire agencies have legal right to use water from anywhere near the fire lines and officials say they make use of all nearby sources in order to get their job done.

“They are opportunistic on being able to get a hold of water that they need. Heck they have even taken water out of swimming pools,” said Brian Ballou of the Oregon Department of Forestry.

In a twist to the story, ODF has previously used the reservoirs utilized by Harrington to battle fires in the area.


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  1. Chad and Tonya Pomeroy says:

    We just went through an incident where a certain government agency has WAAAAY to much power. The judge didn’t ask to see any evidence, just went with what that agency stated! It may not be Obama directly, but it is our government from the top down. We the People have no rights anymore!!! We’re with you on this Harringtons!

  2. Political says:

    This law is the reason the word ‘asinine’ was invented.

    Rumor has it that it’s also illegal to obtain seedlings of an edible plant and implant them into the ground at spacings and intervals designed to capture precious rain water that has seeped into the ground, with the intention of later ingesting the fruit of said plants for individual nutritional purposes. A permit must be sought from the authorities if rain water is to be used for such purposes.

  3. Mel J. says:

    Of course, the blog presentatiions of this story are very different!!

    And, any time “rumor has it,” the odds are the rumor is untrue.

    Water-rights and the concept of water as a common property are going to get a lot more attention as we go deeper into the Climate Crisis. It would be nice, but improbable, if there was reasoned understaning and decision making. But, that would not serve the personal, profit and political agendas.

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