ODF Discuss Fire Season Outlook

By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD, Ore. — A mixture of rain and sunshine have made for rather interesting weather patterns, but fire officials say the recent weather won’t necessarily postpone the start of fire season.

Forestry officials say residents need to begin prepping; fire season could be just around the corner. This weekend fire crews responded to a 4-acre grass fire in Ashland and even with gray skies and precipitation, more of those burns are expected to begin.

Oregon Department of Forestry says on average fire season starts on the first of June through the middle of June. But the last couple of years that announcement hasn’t been made until the end of the month.

The department says it all depends on Mother Nature including how much moisture is behind retained in the flammable fuels. But fire officials say due to the long summer days they encourage residents to begin to cut back flammable vegetation.

Forestry officials say to determine if fire season has arrived, they track the number of fires and their size. ODF says because the moisture is still relatively high they are not looking at a start to fire season in the very near future but again it is up to what the weather brings.