ODF Crews Watch for Lightning

5-19 fire seasonCENTRAL POINT, Ore. – Thunderstorms are heading our way, and with that a high risk for lightning strikes. The weather has Department of Forestry specialists on alert during what is already a crippling drought season. But they say it isn’t time to call it fire season yet.

Dispatchers monitored the storm for much of the day Monday. But despite the frequent lightning strikes, the rain coming with this storm has ODF spokespeople assuring that we can breathe easy for now.

They say the fuels have still retained their moisture, and that could continue to be the case as long as periodic rains continue.

“We could stay in this cycle for a while, this is a pretty nice cycle,” said ODF Fire Prevention Specialist Brian Ballou. “But it’s not going to take a lot of hot dry weather for us to have to call the start of fire season.”

Ballou says as little as seven to ten days of dry weather could be all it takes to bring on fire season. Right now crews are gradually ramping up until mid-June.