Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Obama gave his fourth State of the Union Address Tuesday night. The main focus of the speech was how he plans to improve the economy and find work for 12.3 million unemployed Americans.

Obama called for a raise to the federal minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. He also outlined a plan to increase government spending to help the economy and also keep the budget balanced, but all of his goals need the support of both parties.

Following the President’s speech, the Republican response from Florida Senator Marco Rubio focused on the cost of all of the President’s future plans. President Obama said that none of the ideas proposed in his speech would increase the deficit by what he called, “a single dime.”

It was clear by the Republican’s official response presented by Senator Rubio, and their lack of response during the State of the Union address, that the Republican’s felt Obama is calling for more and more government regulations. While Representative Greg Walden doesn’t want to hear about more government, he did say he wanted to hear about the bloodshed in Bengazi, but didn’t.

On the other hand, Walden’s counterpart, Senator Jeff Merkley, shared his support, “President Obama was absolutely right when he said, ‘a growing economy that creates good, middle-class jobs – that must be the north star that guides our efforts.’ There is no better program of any kind than a good, living-wage job as a foundation for a successful family.”

Representative Peter DeFazio says he supports many of the President’s points. Concerning the President’s comments on social security, the Democrat said in part, “I agree that we cannot take away the promise of social security, and we cannot privatize medicare or deny people benefits in their time of need.”