“Oak Incident” Fire In Northern California

By Bryan Navarro

FORT JONES, Calif. — The latest report from the wildfire in Northern California is 50% contained. Fire officials hope to have the fire completely contained later this evening.

In the first 24 hours since the fire started, officials say the fire being called the “Oak Incident,” has significantly calmed down. This mountainside, there were flames Thursday evening, and now on Friday afternoon, there are just a few columns of smokes rising from hotspots.

Calmer winds and cooler temperatures helped slow the burn. 120 firefighters and one helicopter took on the fire Friday, trying to put out smoldering heavy timber. Investigators say the flames sparked from a debris burn.

Officials say the homeowner has been cited, but cannot say if they’ll be responsible for the firefight. CALFIRE officials say even though there was a relatively wet spring, some areas are dried out, and the bulk of fire season is right around the corner.

“We go to peak staffing on Monday, which means that all of our 13 front line engines will be staffed…so it’s here. We’re not waiting till October or August,” Suzi Brady, with CALFIRE.

At one point there were about a half dozen homes threatened by the fire, but officials say all of those homes had proper defensible space, and they say without that, firefighters on the ground would have had a much more difficult time protecting their homes, but also fighting the flames.