Oak Flat Homeowners Ready To Evacuate

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OAK FLAT, Ore. — The community of Oak Flat in Josephine County remains under a Level 2 evacuation.   A Level 2 evacuation means homeowners need to be ready to leave at a moments notice.

Glenn Lewman and his family were still at their house along Illinois River Road.  They have been moving their belongings into the city since the evacuation notice was issued, but they say they moved all the important items out already.

They followed guidelines set by firefighters, preparing their home for the fire.

According to firefighter Chris Matthews, homeowners need to clear shrubs and overgrowth out from under and around their house.  They also need to cut tree limbs up to 12 feet high and clean out their gutters.

Lewman’s house is one of 12 homes under the Level 2 evacuation due to the Labrador Fire.

So far the Labrador Fire has consumed more 2,020 acres and remains at zero percent containment.

“It has it’s moments where it picks up, and it has it’s moments where it’s laying down,” said Matthews. “I mean we’re taking every day every minute. We’re being cautious and sensitive, and we are just monitoring. We have people posted up all around the fire monitoring…communicating. So you know we are progressing, and it’s progressing.”