Nurse Plans Wedding for Patient

Hospital WeddingSALEM, Ore. — Every bride knows planning a wedding is no easy task, but one Oregon nurse did it in just three days. The wedding was put together to grant a patients dying wish.

An Oregon couple has been talking about getting married for some time, but their time table was put on fast-forward when the girls mother’s illness took a turn for the worse. With the help of her mother’s nurse, and some local businesses, a wedding was put together.

Laura Peterson, an Oncology Nurse with the hospital told the couple that they would take care of everything. Peterson says that the staff told the couple, “You’re going to have the wedding of your dreams. All you have to do is show up.”

Friends and family flew across the country to witness the ceremony that was held right in the hospital. The wedding was a moment that the new bride’s mother got to witness in the last days of her life.