NTSB Changes Alcohol Limit

MEDFORD, Ore. — The National Transportation Safety Board voted Tuesday to recommend that states reduce the legal blood alcohol limit from .08 to .05. That could potentially change procedures for police.

Medford Police say their officers use the National Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, which test for an estimated blood alcohol level of .08. They also say they have arrested drivers who are under the .08 limit, but who are also under the influence of a controlled substance.

“We’re looking for driving. We’re looking for people not using their signals, people making a wide turn on to another road,” explained Medford Police Lt. Kim Budreau. “Once we approach the driver, we’re looking to see, do they have watery eyes? Do they have an odor of alcohol about them?”

Medford Police say many of the drunk drivers they arrest are far over the legal limit.