November is Prime Deer Collision Season

deer buckASHLAND, Ore. — It’s that time of year when you need to watch out for wildlife on the road, especially deer. Mid-October through December is prime time for deer vehicle collisions.

This time of year is reproductive and migration season for deer and other wildlife; therefore, there are more of them and they are on the move.

According to O-DOT, wildlife involved crashes have been on the rise in Oregon. Last year, O-DOT receive reports of 1,283 crashes, up from 1,199 in 2011 and 30% higher than the number reported in 2007.

Ashland Police say, so far, they have not seen an increase. Only two deer vehicle accidents have been reported in the past two months. They credit the low speed limits for the low amount of collisions.

“With 15 though the parks and 35 heading out of town, that’s the highest we get so it gives drivers a lot of reaction time to react if a deer runs in front of them,” explained Sgt. Theron Hull.

Police say to avoid wildlife collisions, stay vigilant and do not swerve. Swerving increases the likelihood of a more serious accident.

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  1. Jacquie Hammer says:

    I caught this segment on the news halfway paying attention yesterday because it is something I already knew but it reminded me it was that time of year again. I was driving home to the applegate shortly after dark lastnight and for some reason thought of your segment, the second I finished the thougt, I immediately slowed down a bit and started scanning the roadside bushes etc…in that split second a HUGE 5 point buck came out of the bushes crossing the road, I had spotted his eyes reflecting and thought it was a coon or something smaller coming down the hill. If I had maintained my original rate of speed that would have been it for me and him. Thank you for reminding us every year to be careful!!

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