November 2013 Special Election Results

Election Ballot Drop-OffSome voters in Oregon took part in the Special Election on Nov. 5, which included several measures dealing with money.

Here are the unofficial results from the elections in Jackson, Josephine, Curry, Lake and Klamath counties:

Jackson County:

Measure 15-120 Five-Year Local Option Tax for operations: The purpose of this local option tax is to continue to provide funding that will allow Applegate Valley Rural Fire Protection District #9 to operate at the current service delivery levels.
Yes: 76.43%
No: 23.57%

Josephine County:

Measure 17-53: Solid Waste Ordinance: Revise the Solid Waste Ordinance, prohibiting accumulation of solid waste and other health hazards.
Yes: 23.52%
No: 76.48%

Measure 17-54: Code Enforcement Officer Ordinance: Should an ordinance be passed to allow County Code Enforcement officers to issue citations for violations of County Ordinances?
Yes: 20.76%
No: 79.24%

Measure 17-55: Hearing Officer Ordinance: Allow County Hearings Offices to hear violations of County Ordinance.
Yes: 19.85%
No: 80.15%

Measure 17-56: Environmental Health Enforcement Ordinance: Ordinance to adopt State Environmental Health Program laws as County codes.
Yes: 22.53%
No: 77.47%

Measure 17-57: Grants Pass Four-Year City Police & Fire Local Option Tax
Yes: 61.58%
No: 38.42%

Measure 15-120: Five-Year Applegate Fire Location Option Tax
Yes: 57.25%
No: 42.75%

Curry County:

Measure 8-72: City of Port Orford Local Option Tax Levy for Funding Port Orford Police Department
Yes: 56.56%
No: 43.44%

Measure 8-73: Curry County – Curry County Law Enforcement Three-Year Operating Levy
Yes: 41.52%
No: 58.48%

Measure 8-74: Curry Health District Replace aging Gold Beach hospital and improve Port Orford clinic
Yes: 65.40%
No: 34.60%

Measure 8-75: City of Gold Beach Seven-Year Capital Projects Local Option Fire Truck Levy
Yes: 47.29%
No: 52.71%

Lake County:

Measure 19-27: Proposed Ordinance to Make Election of County Commissioners Non-Partisan
Yes: 68.17%
No: 31.83%

Klamath County:

Measure 18-92: Klamath Community College District Bond to Expand and Update Facilities
Yes: 44.25%
No: 55.75%