North Looks to South Model of Stability

MEDFORD, Ore – Over the past few years, the North-South rivalry has tipped in favor of the Panthers. To help re-balance the scales, the Black Tornado hired head coach Mike Mitchell in the winter. The main goal for Mitchell is to establish stability in a program that has had six different head coaches in 15 years.

“The most important thing in any program is continuity,” said Mitchell. “It’s more important than people realize so I’ve got guys that are committed to me that they’re going to stay here until we get this done.”

While the Black Tornado has had a bit of a coaching carousel in the past decade and a half, South Medford has grown in leaps and bounds under the watch of Bill Singler.”

“It’s been a great run and it’s going to continue to be a great run because we have stability in our coaching,” said Singler. “We have stability in our school, in our leadership in our school and in our program. So when you have those things going, you should be doing well.”