Non-Profits Worry About Fiscal Cliff

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The list of organizations worried about the impact of the fiscal cliff continues as local non-profit agencies are wondering how the next month will affect them.

Organizations like the United Way of Jackson County can provide services to the community thanks to donations. Various non-profit groups are looking at how the fiscal cliff will affect that, if things like charitable deductions are scaled back.

Groups like the United Way and Goodwill are asking the public to get involved to prevent a major impact. United Way of Jackson County says the effects of the fiscal cliff on the payroll tax could cause struggling families to lose the ability to help themselves through various programs. Goodwill says the charitable deductions are a large reason for the monetary and item donations they receive

“The good work that goodwill and other non-profits do in the community are funded greatly through donations and support of the community, and we know the tax deduction is a powerful incentive for people to give to non-profits,” Southern Oregon Goodwill Julie Fletcher

Groups like the Salvation Army and Habitat For Humanity say they have not seen any large impact. Red Cross says its donations are largely because of serious incidents like Hurricane Sandy, but non-profits that are worried about the fiscal cliff are asking supporters to get involved. Saying they should write their congressmen and ask them to keep the charitable tax breaks intact.