No Post-Grad Parties Planned for Medford

grad partiesMEDFORD, Ore. – Some parents hope to gather support for an all-night party for graduating high school students, after years without that safe option.

Both North and South Medford High Schools have gone without senior all-night sober parties for the past few years. The events were previously organized by parents to provide an alcohol-free event for students on graduation night. Staff at both North and South said there will not be parties this year, because parents have not organized them.

North and South are two of the few schools in southern Oregon without a senior all-night party. Parents at Crater, Grants Pass, Phoenix and Ashland High Schools have all organized parties this year at venues like the Family Fun Center in Central Point.

Some parents are concerned about what options are available to students on graduation night.

“My daughter has already been told, our car is not leaving the driveway that weekend,” said Holly Goff, whose daughter is graduating from North. “So for them to not have a place for them to go and celebrate their four years of accomplishment is really scary.”

Goff said she doubts parents will be able to quickly organize one before graduation.

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  1. Michele says:

    I graduated from North and we had an all nighter party at YMCA. That is an option. We had all kinds of games and things to do for the night and it was a great turn out. There is time to get this accomplished if it is wanted bad enough and the kids help in along with the parents and staff of the district.

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