No More Plastic Bags

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The shopping experience at dozens of grocery stores across Oregon is changing. After this weekend, four grocery store chains will no longer use plastic bags.

A state-wide plastic bag ban is expected to be proposed in Salem again this spring, but beginning Monday, plastic bags will no longer be an option at dozens of grocery stores.

Shoppers instead will have two options: use paper or reusable bags. Ray’s Food Place, Shop Smart, C and K Market and Lo Bucks are all banning plastic bags, saying they want to set a new standard to the help the environment. Research shows it takes more than a thousand years for a plastic bag to break down in a landfill. Shoppers have mixed feelings about this switch.

“Paper is just so much more cumbersome, you know, and we haven’t purchased any recyclable bags or anything like that. I just think of how much more paper we’re going to be using,” said Shopper Carol Dumble

“You have to get rid of the plastic bags and get these. You use them all the time and they’re cute,” remarked another shopper, Charlotte Alexander.

The parent company of the four grocery store chains are giving customers a small incentive to switch. If customers bring in their own reusable bag each time they shop, they can get five cents off their entire purchase.

There’s already one store in Southern Oregon that went plastic-less. Albertsons in Ashland changed its policy last year in February and has been getting positive reactions; about %60-70 of their customers are now bringing in reusable bags.


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  1. Mike Callahan says:

    It should be my right to use or not use a plastic bag, just as it should be my right to use a self checkout or not. Plastic for me please and stick your self check out up a garden hose.

  2. DUSTY says:

    plastic- made from oil- has sat underground for millions of years.
    so what is the problem of the plastic sitting in a different place underground?
    it is underground- not doing anything, not causing any problems. there are much worse things to worry about. this is just a way to get attention from stores with high prices.

  3. MJones says:

    I think it is an excellent idea. Mike and Dusty apparently you don’t care much about the enviorment. Not everything is based on high prices or getting attention. Maybe they are actually trying to help our planet. Somethimes people need to think before they actually speak.

  4. Del says:

    Oh great, let’s be California copy-cats again. If they do it, it must be right.
    Now we can bring home all kinds of nasty germs from those filthy rag-bags people carry around for their perceived environmental coolness. Those filthy bags go from car floor, to restroom floor, to store counter-tops, to car floor again and then end up on your kitchen counter, next to your sink and refrigerator. Then they make that circle over and over again. How many do really think ever get sanitized in any way? When these environmentally correct stores decide to charge for the paper bags, I will only purchase what will fit in my one carry-all personal germ bag.
    I recycle my plastic bags for many purposes, including for wet garbage to put in my trash bins. Now, I just throw the wet mess directly into the bin? Lucky disposal personnel will love this. Grow up Oregon, or do you really want to be just like California?

  5. Citizen says:

    The comments are funny. I’ll miss not having plastic for the cat poop, but other than that, I don’t care. Oh yeah, I don’t shop at any of those stores anyways! I guess I’m “safe” for now!

  6. MissDeal says:

    Paper bags tear easy, are difficult to carry, and they waste trees, harming our eco-system. We need a more viable options. Maybe science contests with big rewards would provide solutions.

  7. Shirley says:

    This is ridicuous. Many will just buy the plastic bags from the store and use them. It should be choice. I have seen it where ppl have the policy of bringing in your own reusable bags and it is disgusting. Some of those ppl have filthy bags, you can see dog hair all over them and they smell. And there they are putting those bags up getting their food in them, and then we go behind them and our food is put on top right where there filthy bag was.
    Also, we love to have the plastic bags that tie up , so we can use them for gargage.
    Where many of us live , we dont have individual garbage cans there is a huge dumpster and we have our trash throwed in the plastic bags, all sealed up, so they dont drip.
    This will not save a thing.
    PPL will jsut buy their own plastic bags from the stores that still sell them, and they all still do What a hoot.
    So many ideas that sound good on paper, really arent, and will cause more problems in the long run. What if a person has let an animal pee on their bag in their garage or something?
    Then that bag is transferred into the store. They will be polluting all that goes thru that counter with major germs. Then what?
    What are they thinkin?

  8. angela says:

    I agree with the stores. Because I am worried for all the plastic bags we use.

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