No Medford Fire and District 3 Merger

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Fire will continue to operate with a separate administrative body than Jackson County Fire District 3.

In a study session today, the Medford City Council took an in-depth look at months worth of research.

Originally, city leaders thought it might save money for the agencies to function as one body with a single overhead administration.

Ultimately, the council decided against the merger, but will continue to evaluate how the city can work with District 3 in other ways.

However, the process of even looking into the possibility did cause some tension for Medford’s existing partnership with Jackson County Fire District 2.

“District 2 has been a little upset in the process. We’ve done everything we can do reach out and communicate, we’ve bent over backwards. They’ve been at every meeting that’s been involved in this process for a year. We’ve really tried to reach out, and we do have a long relationship with District 2 and we like having them as partners,” said Medford City Councilor Daniel Bunn.

Medford fire district has contracted with district two for more than 50 years, and district two owns several pieces of equipment medford fire currently uses.
council members say they plan to continue the relationship… but also hope to take action to gain ownership of some of that equipment moving forward.