No Charges Filed in Alleged Horse Abuse

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford woman says she is shocked after finding her neighbor’s injured pony tied up and left without food or water. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has decided the pony is not a victim of abuse.

Deputies say they are not filing any charges. Over the weekend, they went to the property where this suspected abused pony was housed. Though graphic and difficult to look at, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says pictures of the horse tied up are misleading.

“It’s important to remember that there are car crashes where things look bad but it doesn’t mean laws are broken,” said Andrea Carlson, with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies reviewed the pictures and did an investigation.

“The owners are doing everything they can to take care of it,” Carlson said.

The owners told deputies their pony got loose and accidentally got struck by a vehicle Thursday. The pony was treated. Then, on Sunday, the owner went to church and tied the animal to a post so it wouldn’t escape, but the dog spooked the animal.

“And the pony became very tangled up in its ropes and fell to the ground unable to move,” the owner explained.

The sheriff’s office says it understands the concerns from the community but the deputies who are trained to identify animal abuse and neglect say this is a series of unfortunate events.

“There’s always a lot of heart when you’re dealing with animals. You know, not just people. If there were concerns of the animals well-being, the animal would not be at the house where it is right now” Carlson explained.

Several years ago, when Jackson County Animal Control took budget cuts, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office trained several deputies and community service officers to better identify animal abuse or neglect.


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  1. megan says:

    I think that is animal abuse because you do not tie up animal and do not leave it with out food or water. you do not tie it up after begging hit by a car. you should take it to a vet or something and not tie the pony so I my opine I think that is animal abuse.

  2. Amanda Hertz-Crisel says:

    There is NO excuse for ANY kind of neglect to animals or humans. It’s our duty as human beings to do the right thing in their behalf. This was so wrong, and added needless suffering to the Pony. How in God’s name can you say any of this was for the good of the animals well being. Jackson County needs to bring back a Livestock Inspector for situations such as these. I’m willing to start signing a petition going. Anyone interested in helping?

    1. Amanda Hertz-Crisel says:

      There is NO excuse for ANY kind of neglect to animals or humans. It’s our duty as human being to do the right thing in their behalf. This was so wrong, and added needless suffering to the Pony. How in God’s name can you say any of this was for the good of the animals well being. Jackson County needs to bring back a Livestock inspector for situations such as these. I’m willing to start signing a petition going. Anyone interested in helping?

    2. bev Robb says:

      Amanda – please message us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MirikalPony / we would love to see how we can help with this effort.


  3. connie says:

    The neighbors should be charged with CRIMINAL TRESPASSING, HORSE THEFT and HARASSMENT. This animal looks healthy, other than it’s injuries (from an auto accident not from the owner). I have a feeling that there is something to this story that is not making the news. The animal doesn’t look beat, doesn’t looked malnourished. From what I’ve read on blogs and other sites…there seems to be some bad blood between neighbors that might have sparked the supposed abuse call. Maybe someone should investigate more because I got this from not even knowing anyone involved!. Also the animal should be returned to it’s owner immediately!

  4. Kelly Blevins says:

    Of course the sheriff did nothing. They do nothing all over the country. They either are friends of the abuser or just dont have the balls nor want to take the time to do whats right.. I will take this national and also call for an Internal investigation. When all else fails put some fire under the investigating officer because it works.. I deal with POS cops like these all the time. That is animal abuse and they will wait until the mini is dead and then they will say it was natural causes. Pathetic law enforcement.. INTERNAL INVESTIGATION !!! Then You will get the desired results.

    1. Bev says:

      Hi Kelly – we just found and liked your page on Facebook and it is refreshing to see all that you advocate for these beautiful creatures. They don’t have a voice and too often people just turn their head the other way. Or, they stand up on myopic soapboxes with a lethargic bullhorn that emits “it is none of your business!”

      We just want to see the pony re-homed and have verification of this.

  5. Agnieszka says:

    find this monsters who do that and do the same with him,this hell on earth for animals must stop,what a sick devils live here,who gave them a jobs and moneys for hurting animals

    1. Bev says:

      Hi Agnieszka,

      We just want the pony re-homed with an owner that is going to love and care for this beautiful creature for the duration of her life. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not know how to properly care for livestock and do not believe that they actually suffer when injured.

  6. cerronevado says:

    As the police report says, it appears to have been a mistake and in fact the pony was not being cruelly treated. The police report also says t is understandable how people might become suspicious and report something that looks like animal cruelty. In this case it was investigated and found not to be the case.

    End of story.

    If someone writes in and starts storming that the neighbours who reported the incident should be “charged with criminal trespassing, horse theft and harassment” (all in capital letters), that sounds literally overstated and hysterical. Did the neighbours actually trespass? No. Did the neighbours attempt to steal the animal? No. Did the neighbours harass the alleged perpetrators? If reporting an apparent case of animal cruelty to legally qualfied inspectors (in this case, the police) is “harassment”, then no citizen would be able to report anything they saw.

    I’m begininng to worry about “connie.” What has “connie” got to hide?

  7. Tasha says:

    Agree there is probably more to this story than is being reported, however….

    Where was the pony from Thursday to Sunday, tied up, in a paddock or what?
    Why do they have a pony if they don’t have the right facilities to look after it, it got out and caused an accident, if people had been killed would the sheriffs office have reacted the same?
    Tied it up, round it’s neck, oh please.. head collar at the very least.
    Wound judging by the pics, is not being cared for either.
    And so concerned they buggered off to church and left it tied up and a dog out roaming around… presumably waiting to get hit by a car as well and cause another accident.

    It’s neglect which is abuse.

    1. Bev says:

      Hi Tasha,

      Clarification: The owners property is completely fenced & secure. They also have adequate land with plenty of green grass and a stable structure. Des states that the owners thought that the gate was left open and that was how the pony got out.

  8. dipanwita ridi says:

    this is so unfair, this should be investigated properly.

  9. Tony says:

    Is the sheriff blind or just dumb as a box of rocks? If someone presented a dog or cat in that terrible shape all of the town would be in an up-roar no charges were made against the abuser.

    The world has seen the pictures. Shame on anyone who defends the sheriff or the owner.

  10. B says:

    This pony should NOT be returned to the owner. And the neighbors should NOT be charged with anything! All they’ve done is help the horse. It is abuse. The owner waited so long to get ahold of the vet and the pictures are NOT misleading, because u can’t tie a horse up lie, that because that is what happens, she freaked out that’s a normal reaction, when she got tied up and tangled that puts more stress on her, and a horse with an opened wound needs to be in a stall with bedding food and water she needs to be In a place where she wont risk tearing open her stitches. Also if u pay attention to the pictures u can see her hooves are really long showing lack of hoof care and the owner is not getting her hooves trimmed. He is not taking care of her properly and I don’t need a badge to see that. I hope the owner, out of respect to the pony, let her go so she can find a good home.

  11. Cowboy in Arizona says:

    Pictures do not lie!!! The pony shows definite signs of neglect. Do the right thing and send the pony to a home that has the right facilities to care for it. And that is not the way you tie up a pony, especially an injured one.

  12. D. Weiler says:

    Call the ASPCA & Animal Legal Defense Fund!!

  13. Coral Roberts says:

    This is animal cruelty no Pony should have been left this way and it was the owner who left this Pony to get in this state in the first place. If you leave an animal your job as an owner is to leave it safe he failed and what would have happened if the dog bit the horse the horse was unable to get away or get up shame on you for leaving this horse this way this owner should not have this pony and he goes to Church don’t come to my Church you are not welcome God would be so ashamed of you this poor Pony could have hung itsself all because of you yes he should be charged and the Law has failed this innocent animal as for the owner God is watching you and in time we all die if you abuse animals the gates to Gods world you may find closed to you

  14. Bev says:

    WE HAVE OFFICIAL VERIFICATION that the owners did indeed re-home the pony! More details to follow later today!!!

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