New Year’s Resolutions Boost Business

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The end of the year is near and Rogue Valley residents are already making New Year’s resolutions for 2013.¬†Medford resident Elena Garcia said she will continue her fitness goals and resolutions when the calendar flips to January.

“To stay fit, healthy and to motivate myself to come to the gym and have energy to do things,” said Garcia.

Garcia’s motivation to hit the gym regularly goes beyond resolutions.

“I stay fit because my family has diabetes so I try to keep that off the radar so I can stay healthy,” said Garica

Garcia isn’t alone. Owner of Women’s Fitness Company in Medford, Melissa Moorman says she sees a lot interest in memberships this time of year.

“We’ve been very busy. Lots of new ladies coming in and lots of inquires regarding the gym and lots of interest in personal training,” said Moorman.

Moorman said those looking to follow through on New Year’s resolutions account for a chunk of her yearly business.

“I would say maybe a third. We really pick up memberships and people start coming back in this time of year,” Moorman said.

Moorman said a normal day in September brings about 100 customers through the door. However she said that number could double in January. Garcia said she expects a lot more company at the gym at the beginning of 2013.

“They’ll probably be a lot more people coming to the gym next month starting in January because everyone is trying to work off the holiday sweets,” said Garcia.