New Weekend Market

SAMS VALLEYSAMS VALLEY, Ore. — Community members came together for the first farmers market and artisan fair in Sams Valley.

This event is hosted by a land owner in the area and it’s been in the works for a few years and it’s finally come to fruition. The event is free to park, free to get in and even free for any vendors who want to participate.

Mark Schauer hopes to create a sense of community at this property located 3000 old Sam’s Valley Road. Both Table Rocks and Mount McLoughlin are in view.

“We want something to happen here every day for the community, the grounds are open to the community to come out and use, we’re open to suggestions for different events. We’re learning, we’re going we want to grow with the community and have the communities input,” said Schauer.

The event will alternate each weekend, next Saturday and Sunday will be a flea market.

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  1. Mary says:

    How do we get in touch with someone about the flea market if we want to sell there? Thanks.

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