Water Rates Upset Phoenix Residents

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PHOENIX, Ore. — Recently, the city of Phoenix changed its water rates. For some customers, it’s costing triple the amount than what they had been paying before.

Dottie Steinhokel is one of those residents. She owns Cheryl Courts in Phoenix. Dottie said the city is charging each apartment unit as if it were a home, but she said water usage for two people compared to a family of four is not the same.

The city made the change January 1st, when it incorporated a new district. The recent incorporation means residents in the Rose Street, Cheryl Lane and Horizon Street area must be in compliance with Phoenix’s water rates. The city’s water base fee for each building is $33.50 a month, but the city is charging each unit in Steinhokel’s apartment complex as if it were an individual building.

Monday evening, several residents took the issue to the city council again. City officials stated they are working on a study to find a solution. The city manager said officials welcome any questions or concerns about the water rate or study. That study will be completed by the end of February.

Dottie notified residents that this change may impact their rent and one resident put in notice on Monday.