New Walmart Draws Hundreds

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MEDFORD, Ore. – At least a hundred people came to the ribbon cutting and filed in the new Medford Walmart to start shopping. Stepping into the new store, shoppers say they’re noticing a different look and feel. The south Medford Walmart store is a “super center”, meaning a full line of groceries, merchandise and other goods.

While shoppers are excited for the opening of this store, it meant closing down two other locations, but Walmart kept all of its employees from the north Medford and Talent store. The company is also supporting the economy through the building itself.

“We have a hundred and ninety two thousand square feet now so we’ll be paying property taxes. So we’ve converted a previously zero revenue producing piece of property into now producing revenue for the city,” explains Walmart Director Nina Albert.

Several companies are also part of Walmart’s grand opening. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Umpqua Ice-Cream are giving out free giveaways to customers.

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  1. michael mehl says:

    nice, good that you had to show the massive protest, all 5 of them.

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