New Voter Resource For Josephine Co.

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JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. — Election Day is less than two weeks away and one Josephine County resident is hoping to make the voting process easier. A website is giving voters an online video version of the county’s voter pamphlet.

The company Media Makers launched a similar pamphlet in May, during the Primary Election. Before dropping off your ballot November 6th, voters can check out candidates in Josephine County online. The company providing this resource said it hopes a website like it will spur more interest at the state level.

The website provides video statements from each of the candidates and offers a direct link to Josephine County’s website with more information on the specific measures. The company Media Makers explained this “official unofficial” voter’s pamphlet will hopefully be the future format for the city, county, and eventually, state level.

The Josephine County Clerk said a decision to switch voter pamphlets to online versions would be made at the state level. He went over the websites content with Media Makers before it was created.The company said each candidate had up to five minutes to talk to the voters. The production of the clips were also shot in the same way to avoid bias in the interviews.