New Veteran Health Facility

New VAWHITE CITY, Ore. — The Southern Oregon V.A. is celebrating the latest addition to its White City campus. A new primary care building was unveiled Friday at a dedication ceremony.

The new primary care facility is the result of an 18-month long construction project. V.A. officials say it will bring a whole new level of care to the area’s 17,000 veterans.

The facility’s director says access to primary care is one of the biggest issues facing veterans. Many of those veterans either don’t know where they can get care or don’t qualify for care, and many live in remote areas with no convenient options.

Some develop chronic conditions like diabetes or even have serious conditions like cancer go undetected after going years without seeing a doctor. The building is not only meant to address those concerns, but provide access to physical and mental health in the same campus for those veterans.

“Mental health is the backbone of my recovery, and with my primary care physician, he’s able to fast-track a lot of my care through mental health, which is what I need right now,” said Joel Setzer, a veteran who deals with PTSD.

The facility cost just under $10 million in total, all funded by the National Department of Veterans Affairs. The building and its staff will service an estimate five to six thousand veterans at a time.