New Ultrasound Machines At Asante

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Asante hospitals have installed new, state-of-the-art machines to not only better diagnose patients, but to do it faster and safer. More than a dozen of Toshiba’s newest ultrasound systems are now being used in Southern Oregon.

“The machine has a component that allows us to act as if we are in the duct itself and put that on an image for us, so we can walk through that duct we can see the stones, we can see how big they are, we can see pallups, we can see what the duct looks like itself,” explained Dr. Jared Christensen.

It’s called “Flu Thru.” The industry-first technology is just one advantage of the 15 new ultrasound machines Asante has installed. The Aplio TM 500 and Aplio 300 machines, map out the course. In fact, you could compare the view to Google maps, the bottom left being the satellite view, the right side, the street view.

“Now we’re able to use these images and see things we were never able to see before, it’s almost like, before you kind of had to guess what was there,” Dr. Christensen said. “But now, it’s almost like taking your sunglasses off when somebody turns on a bright light.”

These state of the art machines, turning on the light, inside the body. Making it easier for sonographers and their patients.

“The image quality is so much better on these machines compared to the old machines so we’re not having to work as hard to create the perfect image,” said Patrick Huffman at Rogue Regional Medical Center.

This technology paves the way to a nearer to perfect diagnosis. Asante says this upgrade will allow it’s doctors to expand its service lines to breast, musculoskeletal and pediatric imaging. The machines will also assist in invasive surgeries.