New Tuition Plan for Oregon Universities

CollegeSALEM, Ore. — A bill to let college students pay tuition after graduation is just a signature away from becoming law.

Oregon lawmakers approved a new tuition plan for the state’s seven state universities. It would allow students to attend school, then repay tuition at a later date based on their earnings.

Those who earn more would pay more back; those who earn less would owe less. For example, a student who makes $600,000 over a 24-year span would pay $18,000 for a four-year degree.

A student who makes $2.5 million in that same time frame would end up paying $75,000.


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  1. KEN says:

    Would NOT support this as is, because of the simple fact that there are plenty of career students with no intention of working ever already..But you can imagine the increase if this was a no strings attached policy….There might not be enough room for serious students..

  2. Jackson Tay says:

    I think that this is a good plan, more students will be able to get loan and attend colleges.

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