New Testimony In MacCallum Murder Case

YREKA, Calif. — Thursday, Amber Lubbers of Medford told attorneys how she helped Patricia MacCallum cover up her husband’s murder.

It was supposed to be a preliminary hearing, with Amber Lubbers as a defendant for the murder of Christopher MacCallum back in November of 2012. Thursday morning, the Siskiyou County District Attorney finished negotiations with Lubbers and she plead guilty to a lesser charge.

“It’s accessory after the fact, to murder for assisting to covering up the crime after it’s taken place. So, she plead guilty to that and in California, the maximum penalty to that is three years in prison. She went from being a defendant to being a witness,” explained District Attorney Kirk Andrus.

Thursday afternoon, Amber Lubbers told the courtroom she helped Patricia MacCallum cover up the murder of Christopher MacCallum. Lubbers says the three all went camping and that she and Patricia made sure Christopher was drunk by the end of the night. She says he fell asleep in the tent and while Lubbers sat about 30 feet away, Patricia fired 7 gunshots, came back to Lubbers for more ammo, then shot him again in his sleeping bag 8 more times.

After that, Lubbers says the two wrapped his body in the sleeping bag and tent and tied a rope around his body, and kicked him off an embankment near the Applegate River. The two came back to Medford and went to a Jack In The Box for an alibi. Lubbers says Patricia told her on the drive home she felt liberated. The two rehearsed the story in the car.

District attorney officials say at least five more witnesses must take the stand for questioning. They would likely finish that process on Friday.