New Technology in Hedrick Middle School

New Technology Middle SchoolMEDFORD, Ore. — Teachers at Hedrick Middle School are using new clickers in their classroom to improve classroom participation and retention.

Teachers say the new clickers will let them track the progress of their students, and they come in handy because every student participates. Sometimes teachers say they cannot tell if all of their students are learning a particular topic, but the new turning point clicker lets them see each student’s answer.

The system also lets the students see the right answer and explains why that answer is the right answer. The teachers can also see how many students chose each answer. Hedrick Middle School tested the clicker system last year in one of their classrooms.

The teacher felt the system was beneficial, so this year the middle school invested $8,000 in the system. Teachers are still learning how to use the clicker system, but it will be implemented into the classrooms shortly.

Educators also say students love technology, and they are hoping this new clicker system helps them learn quicker and easier. Hedrick Middle School is also starting a new class called science, technology, engineering, and math also referred to as STEM. Hedrick’s principal says this will help prepare students for the workforce early on.

He says these are fields that will be beneficial even one hundred years from now and the sooner they get kids interested the better.