New Technology Cuts ER Visits

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon hospitals are cracking down on emergency room visits.  A new web-based system is making it where doctors can view your medical history with a click of a button.  Providence is the first hospital in the Rogue Valley to launch the system.  It is called the Emergency Department Information Exchange, also referred to as EDIE.

The system works by tracking the number of emergency room visits a person makes every year. When a person signs into the ER a notification is sent to EDIE, and EDIE sends it through the hospital’s electronic records database.

At Providence Medical Center, a person is limited to five ER visits a year. If someone has more than that, the system will flag that person and a message will be sent to their doctor alerting them about the frequency.

“I don’t have to go to another place, I don’t have to go to another computer, I don’t have to sign up on a different website, this information is pushed directly to me,” said Dr. Cory Bergey D.O., Emergency Director at Providence Medical Center.

According to Bergey, people who visit the ER frequently typically are more likely to have a drug addiction or drug abuse problems.  In the past, there was no way to track a person’s ER visits from hospital to hospital.  Therefore, it was easy for people to doctor hop, or see different doctors at different places for the same medical reason without anyone knowing.   This new system will connect all hospitals across Oregon and Washington, making doctor hopping impossible.

EDIE is in all but one hospital in Washington, and 33 percent of hospitals in Oregon already have it going live.  Oregon hopes to have EDIE installed in all Oregon hospitals by the end of September.


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  1. BillyBob Sowbreath says:

    I think the story’s headline isn’t exactly accurate. It should read more like:
    “New Tech cuts down on drug-seekers in the ER”?

    Far as the rest of the article saying you only get 5 ER visits per year…. So tell us… what about all the ILLEGALS using your ER for primary care? They don’t have regular doctors or health insurance. It’s no secret… illegals are always in the ER.
    Second, if I’m not mistaken, Oregon hospitals CANNOT REFUSE SERVICE? So you’re telling us that on a person’s 6th ER visit… with a bone sticking out of their leg… Providence is going to what… “SO SORRY… move along citizen”?


  2. Jupiter de Milo says:

    Now that we’ve created a nation of drug addicts because we “have to address pain as a fifth vital sign,” we have to deal with the frequent flyers who can’t keep up with their limited supply. It’s not the “illegals” who are drug seeking, by the way.
    The medical community created a monster and now we don’t know how to deal with it. The ER is not an appropriate place to seek routine medical care. Period. No hospital is going to refuse service to someone with a “bone sticking out.” That’s an asinine statement.
    The ER’s I’ve worked in will often see the same person 3-4 times a week. It’s ridiculous and there should be stop to it. The article doesn’t say what the penalty is because, yes, they will still treat them. It’s a nice idea, but it’s not going to fly.

  3. Bunny Snow says:

    Well, I sure hope this works out for them!!! It would be nice if the local ER was used for THAT purpose, EMERGENCIES!!! I have recently had occasion to be at Rogue Hospital picking up an elderly friend who’s husband had a stroke. The waiting room had three groups of people. Two of the groups never spoke a word of English within earshot of me. The other family had an English speaking adult female and a non-English speaking adult male at the helm, with four small children who spoke English and Spanish interchangeably. I was there from about 4:pm to about 6:30 pm. I didn’t see anyone who appeared to have any kind of emergent medical problem, but i am not a medically trained person, so who knows? What i saw was one group with an elderly woman who had a deep, productive cough, another group with what looked like a 5 year old with a similar cough, and the third group had young woman who rocked back and forth as if nursing a bad belly ache. Most of this was during regular doctors hours, and none of it looked like it could not wait, but again, what do I know? I have no way of knowing if any of these people were in the country illegally, but if they were legal, they didn’t show any signs of respecting this country enough to learn the predominate language. I am not a frequent flyer of the ER, but from this small slice, I would have to say that it would seem that the ER stays pretty busy with people who seem to not be from around here, and I sure hope this new system can help cure that ill.

  4. Nonya Biz says:

    I think the point here is that this is simply another way that they are going to track people. They are going to tell your Doctor if you have more than 5 ER visits in a year. OK. So how about those who have severe asthma. I know that there are years where I’ve been in the ER more than 5 times because of it? How about those who have no health care? NO OBAMACARE IS A FAILURE, You didn’t get to keep your insurance and there are still people out there with NO HEALTH INSURANCE. And those here illegally who don’t pay taxes, or give a rats toss about Obama’s rules. My family has had healthcare through my husband’s job for 25 years and we’ve watched the costs increase because of uninsured patients and watched our insurance rates increase because of it. We have even had PROVIDENCE… yes PROVIDENCE send a 785.00 bill to collection that we were paying on for close to two years, never a payment missed. It was sent to Collections because they felt we could make larger payments than we were. NO regard to the fact that we had made payments from day 1… No regard for the fact that our insurance paid a majority of the 20K dollar hospital bill. So I can’t really see how this is going to do anything but tack more onto the bills of the people who are doing it all “by the law* to fund this new “tracking system”.

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