New Tattoo Removal Technology

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TALENT, Ore. — New technology is making the tattoo removal process quicker, easier, and less painful.  The Rogue Valley is the only place in Oregon where you can find this new technology.

The new tattoo removal laser is called Picosure. Plastic surgeons said this tattoo removal process only takes two to four times, whereas traditional tattoo removals can take anywhere from eight to 10 times. Doctors said this is because Picosure uses a higher frequency laser that shatters the pigment in the skin and breaks it apart. This makes it where the body can absorb the pigment much quicker.  There is no heating involved, and doctors at Valley Plastic Surgery said the new technology is already proving itself to be successful.

“I see a lot of people who have already had four, five, six treatments for attempt at tattoo removal, and we take off more pigmentation in one treatment than they’d had in the previous four or five treatments,” said Dr. Steve Lovich with Valley Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Lovich said the only pain associated with the removal process is a snapping sensation, which doctors say can be slightly uncomfortable. Picosure does not use heat to break up the pigment, but there is a warm feeling on the skin associated with the frequency. Picosure can also be used to get rid of scars and other skin lesions.

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