New Tanning Bill Bans Teens

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Tanning beds are now for adults only. Governor Kitzhaber is expected to sign a bill which recently passed in the legislature that would prevent teens from using tanning beds without a doctor’s note.

Several local tanning salons say they already warn parents of the risks of letting teenagers use the tanning beds and some already set their own age limits regardless of permission. At most salons, however, if parents give the OK, the teens could still get a tan. That’s not the case anymore, and some local salons say it evens the playing field.

The Oregon Senate recently passed a bill that would ban anyone under 18 from using a tanning bed without a doctor’s note and Governor Kitzhaber is expected to sign it into law. The move is designed to reduce the risk of melanoma and skin cancer that is linked to teenage tanning.

Several local tanning salons said this should not have a major impact on business, because teenage tanners are only make up a small portion of their clients, but they said the law sets uniform rules that will apply to all businesses.

“We’re actually kind of excited to have a strict guideline that all the tanning salons will have to follow, now that it’s a law. It will be nice to know that everyone’s following it and not just us,” said Taylor Fitzsimmons, the Assistant Manager at Paradise Tans.

The effects of the bill do not apply to spray tanning.