New Spider Species Discovered

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Sally Marchington of Medford says her son Neil was always interested in the exploring the environment. While growing up in Oregon, Neil had a habit of collecting critters he found and putting them in his pants’ pockets.

“Then in fourth grade is the time he really got me. Oh boy did i get a surprise, he put a banana slug in there and i was literally slimed” said Marchington.

Now, many years after the fourth grade, Neil’s passion for exploring caves continues.
Last week, a new species of spider that he helped discover was named after him. The spider is now know as the the Troglaraptor Marchingtoni.

“I was definitely somewhat surprised. I wasn’t expecting to have it named after me by any means so it was definitely overwhelming” said Neil Marchington.

Marchington discovered the spider in 2010 while exploring a cave near Grants Pass.

“One of the samples was a spider that was very unique. One of the biologists noticed right away it was really unusual” said Neil Marchington.

He returned multiple times to collect more samples to be researched in california. Marchington now lives in Bend with his family.

Sally says all those years of encouraging her son were well worth it.

“All those years I had to look in your pockets before I did the laundry. It finally paid off! You caught the critter that mattered!” said Sally Marchington.