New Sleep Center at Providence

sleep apneaMEDFORD, Ore. — Beginning next month, Providence Medford Medical Center will open a new sleep center to help those who toss and turn while trying to sleep at night.

A two-bed sleep center is set to open on March 17th. Patients will spend the night hooked up to computers which monitor things ranging from breathing to leg movements to oxygen levels in blood.

After seeing a physician, patients can come in with a wide range of potential sleep disorders from sleep apnea to insomnia.

“If you’re waking up every morning and you’re not rested, if your bed partner notices that you’re snoring a lot, gasping, for breath during the night or stop breathing during the night, those are all signals you could have sleep apnea,” said Leslie Copper at the Providence Sleep Center.

Sleep center officials say sleep apnea is a very treatable condition and when treated can help your overall health by decreasing your chance for hypertension and other complication.