New Shady Cove Security System in Place

Security System SHADY COVE, Ore. — A new state of the art, high-tech security system installed at Shady Cove school is in full swing. It’s the first year using the system and the school is  the first in the country using it to protect students.

Parents say they are comforted knowing their child will be safe at school this year.

“With the growing concern  of school shootings, drugs, all of it, and sometimes just random people coming  through, and you don’t  have any idea who they are, I’m all for it it,” said parent Amber Lacy.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office installed the security system over the summer.

“I’m excited to see how it progresses and that other schools can utilize it and maybe get as much as use  as possible,” explained Lacy.

The technology allows teachers to push a panic button, activating cameras in the classroom to the sheriff’s office.  

“Just knowing that teachers  will be able to contact the authorities. someone will  know right away, there  won’t be any drag time…They can come help right  away if they need to,” said parent Kathy Alexander.

For students who could find themselves in an actual emergency situation say the system makes them feel safer.  

“It’s a lot better ’cause it locks the doors and if there’s a fire, it actually shows you  too and see the lights and hear everything,” explained student Kayda Lacy.

Students say the system is more reliable than any other security practices they’ve seen done.

“We practiced lock downs but didn’t feel safe. I almost felt like that wasn’t going to be enough if  someone did come after me after a shooting that happened this year,” said student Abbey Alexander.

The security system cost about 100 thousand dollars, which the sheriff’s office paid through drug forfeiture. Since the installment, the Eagle Point School District has been looking at ways to pay for the system at its other, 8 schools.

The district has also organized a Weapons Safety Committee. Members discussed a range of other security measures to protect its students from installing security cameras to arming teachers.

The group plans to organize a public forum about the suggested safety measure. There is no date set yet for that meeting.