New Radar System For NWS

MEDFORD, Ore. — The thunderstorm activity over the weekend is still a concern for the National Weather Service. Its radar system, which detects possible fires across Southern Oregon, is down.

The National Weather Service is in the process of upgrading its radar system on Mt. Ashland. The last time it was updated was in 1996. This new system is going to be able to detect weather patterns and smoke from fires more accurately.

This upgrade is happening right after the lightning storm over the weekend. About 3,000 lightning strikes hit parts of Southern Oregon and California causing several fires. NWS says while the radar system is down they are depending on the satellite system and its employees to spot possible fires.

NWS says it hopes the weather will cooperate with them for the week. It expects the new radar system to be up and running by the end of Friday. All National Weather Service stations across the county will have an updated radar system by May 2013.