New Public Safety Levy Proposed

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Thursday morning, the Josephine County Commissioners held a public hearing about public safety. Commissioners proposed a levy to the group attending the meeting.

This commissioners meeting was a lot like the ones in recent weeks with lots of passionate people packed in a hot room talking about public safety dollars. In an attempt to solve the public safety problems in Josephine County the commissioners proposed a levy.

The levy money would go toward county services that are barely getting by on the current budget, such as the adult jail, juvenile justice, animal control, the district attorney, as well as some of the civil services for the sheriff’s department.

The sheriff’s department would also get a boost with response and patrols with the levy money. The commissioners decided Thursday the levy would look like this: Every property owner would pay $1.48 per thousand of assessed value, for a three year period.

As in many past meetings, lots of passionate people spoke out at the hearing today, some suggesting other solutions to the security problems. Multiple people at the meeting were in favor of a flat tax; some were against any kind of tax. Multiple people also suggested the commissioners cut their salary to help foot the bill. By the end of all the public comments, the nearly three hour meeting came to a close.

The levy will appear on the May 2013 ballot. So if you want to make your voice heard on this subject, you’ll have to do so by voting this spring.